Retiring the Sneakers & Induction into the Hall of Fame…

As many of you know, I graduated with my MBA last December after getting back from playing pro-ball in Australia, Sweden, and Lebanon in 2019. I now have a new degree and a few letters behind my name 😉 …. and boat loads of debt. So this is what it’s like to be an average student not on a full-ride scholarship. haha 

Well, while at my graduation in December I was notified of my election into the Iowa Hall of Fame on March 2nd at the Iowa Girls State Basketball Tournament, hosted in the Wells Fargo Arena. Two amazing accomplishments and honors in one weekend and this time I am actually able to be in attendance. Before I knew I was being inducted into the Hall of Fame I was already debating putting the ball down so I could build my life outside of basketball and the way I see it what better way to go out on top?

So this blog is me announcing my retirement from the game I’ve loved for the last 15+ years. I guess I wasn’t really ready to announce it before this because that would make it too real. This game has been my identity for so long and I poured every ounce of me into it. It’s been a difficult few months coming to terms with it. I was finding back who I am without that ball glued to my hands and re-getting to know myself because I needed to fully believe that I am way more than the game that consumed the last few years of my life.  It has been the air I breathed and what every aspect of my days were planned around. So you can say I went through and probably still am going through a little identity crisis.

Pro-ball for me has been an amazing way for me to make a career of the game I love while seeing the world at the same time, but I think I reached the point where I was asking myself more often, “What’s next?” and “Am I reaching my full potential?” And I found myself answering “I don’t know” and “no” a little too often for my liking. So I’m making a change.  For the past few months I’ve been trying to figure out my next steps and trying to use my connections to start adulting and using that big ole MBA I just got. So hopefully everything falls into place in the near future, but for now I am grinding and figuring out what identity will replace the one I left behind. 

2019 has been a reflection of all that the game has given me and blessed me with. It’s appreciating all of the countries it’s taken me to not only to visit, but to actually live in and experience the culture. I was fully immersed in something completely foreign, but absolutely amazing… and I was paid to do it. Basketball has put some pretty great people into my life even if for a short while. It has given me CAT5 hurricane experiences with no better people I’d rather survive with. It has proven that I find some of my best friends and people in the darkest of times.  It has brought me to my knees, humbled me, and built me back up again. Basketball has also taken me to the highest level of play in the WNBA and it has taken me to some of the lowest moments in my life with injuries. It has broken me over and over (3 knee surgeries later), so I could prove that I could rise time and time again. It has given me an entirely new perspective, shattered my view of the world so I could have a more open-mind and it has shaped me into the stubborn, confident, faith-filled woman I am today. 

This blog feels more like both a funeral and celebration for my pro-ball career and all the amazing stuff that’s left to come. It’s more than just a closing of a chapter. It is more like a starting of an entirely new book. So RIP to what got me here and bring on what’s next. I’m excited to see what God has in store for me when I learn to lean in and trust His process. Let go of what no longer serves me for something greater.

And finally, for any of you who would like to attend my Hall of Fame Induction, it’s on March 2nd at the half-time of the girl’s game at 5pm in Wells Fargo Arena. Thank you guys for all of the support, checking up on me, and following this crazy dream-chasing journey with me! I appreciate you all! Xx

4 thoughts on “Retiring the Sneakers & Induction into the Hall of Fame…

  1. Chelsea I wish you the best in life and I been a big fan of you since you been playing at Iowa state. I hope we can meet some day and play some basketball I love basketball so very much.


  2. Congrats, and thanks for being such an entertaining and inspiring sports figure! Good luck, and hope you have amazing success and find your next career love. May it have a great triple bottom line:)


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